NFTs can really change people’s lives, and this time for the better. An artist / indie developer, who has been struggling to earn off their work, has decided to try out the blockchain and sold their first drop for tens of thousands of dollars.

A pixel art by jmw327 sold as NFT

Last week, artist nicknamed jmw327 shared a message on Twitter about trying out NFTs despite not understanding the industry and the whole controversy surrounding non-fungible tokens.

Having over 150k followers on the platform, jmw327 got tired of earning less than $10k a year. So the artist decided to apply their talent in the blockchain area and create their first NFT.

“If there is a chance, [I want] to be able to afford healthcare and stuff, sorry if it offends you and please do whatever makes you feel comfortable,” the message reads.

jmw327, who is now working on their indie game called Frontier Story, eventually listed their first NFT on the Foundation marketplace. As a result, the pixel art showing a girl on the sunny street was sold for 20.9 ETH (around $43.2k), which is four times more than jmw327’s annual income.

The artist went on to thank everyone for all the support, saying that they will “start thinking about what to do next.”

Though being an exception, this story shows that there still might be new opportunities for talents in the blockchain market despite its latest collapse and all the controversy surrounding it.

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