Web gaming platform Kongregate has partnered with Immutable X to establish a $40 million fund for blockchain games. It consists of a special pool of tokens, which will be granted to developers.

According to an official announcement, the fund will support innovative and new experiences in the area of Web3 gaming.

Developers will be able to receive grants in the form of IMX tokens for bringing their games to Kongregate’s platform. On top of that, they will get access to a blockchain SDK, game design and tokenomics consultations, and community growth services.

The $40 million fund was launched with the help of Immutable X, an Ethereum-based Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution aimed at fastening blockchain game transactions and increasing energy efficiency.

“With today’s launch of our blockchain developer fund, we’re excited to deepen our relationship with Kongregate as we work together to attract the best and brightest developers to build new titles on Kongregate’s relaunched web3 platform,” Immutable president Robbie Ferguson said in a statement.

This fund is in line with Kongregate’s strategy to relaunch its gaming platform, which initially was created in 2006 as a place for developers of web indie games. This year, the company will shift its focus towards blockchain gaming.

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