Polygon remains the fastest-growing Ethereum sidechain. Over the last 30 days, games on it have attracted almost 450k new players, with Sunflower Land being the top title.

This according to new data provided by Footprint Analytics (via Play to Earn Online).

  • Games on Polygon have acquired 449,178 new users in the past month.
  • Sunflower Land accounts for 38.43% of this number, followed by Crazy Defense Heroes (30.42%), Pegaxy (16.31%), and Acr8 (11.37%).
  • These four titles make up more than 95% of all new users on Polygon-based games.
  • As of now, games on Polygon have a total of 68.1k DAU and 9.2k MAU on average.
  • The total number of players is now set at over 3.3 million users.

  • Sunflower Land, a blockchain farming simulator by Thought Farm Pty, saw its main token drop following the crypto crash that happened earlier this month. The SFL price is currently set at $0.15.
  • Crazy Defense Heroes, a tower defense game from Animoca Brands, has over 500k players. Its token TOWER is now also on the fall, currently trading at $0.004.
  • Pegaxy, a horse racing game with in-game rewards, saw a slow rise in its PGX token price over the last few days, which is currently trading at $0.033.
  • Arc8, a collection of blockchain mini games of different genres from Gamee, has been losing its daily active users for a while after rapid growth. The price of its GMEE token is currently set at $0.018.

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