Blockchain social hub StemsDAO expands its Web3 ambitions and partners with Yield Guild Games to let YGG members access the platform, come up with their own music tracks and remixes, NFT-ize them, and get rewards for being all-sorts-creative. The project is fresh and promising and deserves a closer look, so let’s dot some of the i’s.

What happened?

  • StemsDAO, a Web3 platform allowing you to ”make music with your favorite artist” and present it as NFT collectibles, announced a partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG) on October 10 to provide access to the StemsDAO social hub, let the users co-create music along with professional artists, present their own remixes as NFTs, and reward their efforts in music-making.
  • The upcoming project is meant to empower emerging creators worldwide with the help of the create-to-earn model which acts similarly to how gamers are rewarded in video games but adds an original content production dimension: musicians are compensated for presenting original work, and their total reward depends on the success of particular music content measured through NFT sales and streaming revenue.
  • In the newly-established partnership, Stems is responsible for making music collaborations Web3-compatible and gamifying the creative process, while YGG will bring in an enthusiastic and experienced gamer audience and expand the existing one.
  • In its white papers, the StemsDAO team sounds more than committed to the further advancement of the create-to-earn model within the music industry by introducing and promoting the new “building blocks of music” concept. Its key idea lies in the gamified creation of short NFT musical patterns called ”stems”, composed of audio file layers comprising vocals, synths, bass, and other instruments, and applying them for further production as well as profit-making.

How will it work?

  • StemsDAO team aims to move gamified music creation and collaboration forward “through the simplicity of a few clicks”. To get started with the Stems hub, users only need to set up a crypto wallet, acquire the MATIC token, link their account to Lens protocol to ensure the security of the owned and produced content, and engage in music-making.
  • The platform is open to all kinds of musicians and fans within the community regardless of age, country, or previous experience. While fans and creators are free to come up with remixes as well as their own music, well-known artists curated by the platform (also called “DAO Sensei’s”) are expected to drop stems of their hits as NFTs as part of the manifold remix games the hub offers.
  • Stem drops are used to develop new pieces and bring profit to their authors, and in turn, stem NFTs can be purchased and collected to earn future royalties from new musical compositions created with them.
  • Artists whose stems get selected by the DAO mechanism and actively feature in new music pieces will be compensated based on the popularity of the compositions estimated through the income from NFT sales and their streaming on the platform. Successful tracks will become NFTs themselves and at the same time will be released in a traditional way – on digital service providers (DSPs).

What’s StemsDAO famous for?

  • StemsDAO was started as a small “just-for-fun” project by a community of friends sharing the same passion for music and new technologies. Yet in just a few months it rapidly evolved into an international community of thousands of stem music makers (the “Steamheads”) including professional and hobbyist creators from across the globe. The developers had to admit that the idea deserved a greater rendition which lead them to establish StemsDAO.
  • Today, the platform represents a distinctive creative hub that made horizontal artists-and-fans collaborations and NFT-creators-and-collectors interactions possible without any mediators, and it keeps expanding – a thing that makes the project a ground-breaker in the industry.
  • The co-founders’ team is represented by an engineer Haitham Mengad, who also contributed to Cosmos (Tendermint) and Celo, hobbyist producer/vocalist Radniik (Nikita Bondarenko), producer, DJ, and engineer Ander (Andros Wong), and Christian Vivadelli, a Technical Program Manager at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University. “We welcome all music makers, music enjoyers, and NFT Collectors to our platform to join us in the decentralized world”, says the StemsDAO team on the official website.
  • The founders see the project’s mission as building “a two-way bridge between web2 and web3. Our community and platform enable artists to generate more activity around their web2 presence while building intimate relationships with other musicians, collectors, and fans, in typical web3 fashion.”

What are Yield Guild Games famous for?

  • Founded in 2020 by Beryl Li and Gabby Dizon and self-called ”the play-to-earn gaming guild, seeking yield across the Metaverse”, the YGG was one of the first-ever play-to-earn Web3 gaming guilds to emerge in the industry and helped manifold gamefi projects evolve since that.
  • Today, the guild operates worldwide and coordinates gamers to gain rewards in play-to-earn games, including the acquisition of NFTs, virtual lands, and other digital assets, from which the guild members profit within blockchain-based in-game economies. Several games in which YGG has successfully invested include world-famous examples, such as Axie Infinity (AXS), Illuvium (ILV), Splinterlands (SPS), and The Sandbox (SAND).


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