Exergy Games introduced its latest P2E racing game – Rocket Dogs. Its gameplay style the developers call unique, so let’s see what actually tactical racing is and what it has to do with dogs?..

What’s Rocket Dogs anyway?

  • On October 18, the first official trailer of Rocket Dogs, an NFT collectible metaverse racer, was released. The trailer of the game teased the players with several spectacular sceneries, well-elaborated graphics, realistic dog characters, and a selection of space jets and dazzling loots, such as rare NFTs and in-game coins essential for triumphing the race.
  • The multi-player play-to-earn game taking place in its own fictional universe has been in development for over a year. “We’re excited to come out of stealth mode with the unveiling of Rocket Dogs to the world. We’ve focused almost exclusively on first developing an amazing, fun, and beautiful game. Now, it’s time to show it off to the world as we recruit players to race among the stars with humanity’s best friend,” commented the team on the upcoming release.
  • To start off, a player only has to pick up their favorite four-legged hero, strap him on a rocket, and go traverse the universe! If dogs are not your thing, the game still has plenty of features to offer: sophisticated rocket jetpack designs, 5-player combat racing on several highly scenic Moons, and multiple earning opportunities with Insert Coins.
  • The preorder of the game is already available, while the release is expected later this year. Also, the dev team already made another perk available for the players: the so-called Genesis Advanced Box features a total loadout of 17 NFTs offered at $100 and comprises a dog character, a powerful rocket, and the first Strategy Deck of 15 “starter” NFT Items.

What can make it stand out?

  • In terms of genre, Rocket Dogs is a real-time multiplayer racing game that blends the characteristics of classic trading card games like Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon, refashions role-play game elements, such as from the World of Warcraft, and at the same time catalyzes storytelling aspects.
  • A thing the dev team says is peculiar about the gameplay is that first of all, the users will never experience the same racing round twice due to a wide selection of rocket boosts, launch assaults, and pitfalls prepared for competitors. Second, Rocket Dogs introduces an expansive cross-game narrative for players to unfold, comprising six short stories about the evolvement of Exergy’s universe. All the stories are presented alongside well-elaborated graphic art and are meant to set the grounds for a multi-year roadmap for the team’s future media franchise called Exergy Games Universe.
  • One of the developers’ tokenomic strategies was to launch the in-game currency called Insert Coins with no supply caps, which means there will be no permanent in-game limits on the number of units of coins (or a cryptocurrency) that can be created.
  • Besides, with the developers’ work on enhancing the cross-game experience, the in-game reward token and selected NFTs will also be applicable in other Exergy projects.

What are Exergy Games famous for?

  • Exergy Games, a US-based game studio, focuses on ingraining new technologies into a spectacular game design built specifically “by gamers for gamers”. All their currently developing projects are based on the Solana blockchain platform.
  • The company’s core team headed by President/COO Brian Fahmie and CEO Thomas Athanas has been in the game dev business for over 15 years and drew their passion from being a part of an avid gamer community themselves for over 25 years. The team and its founding members have a versatile background in game and product design and development, marketing, producing, and directing.
  • Other than the NFT collectible newcomer Rocket Dogs, the Exergy Games’ portfolio features the Insert Coin Arcade, a digital arcade that employs and awards the player with a cross-game crypto-powered reward token called Insert Coins. The team is now in the process of building its own gaming universe that would unite five upcoming collectable NFT games, reflecting the Arcade model, with Insert Coins applicable across all the projects they’re developing.

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