The token of Solana-built blockchain game project Aurory has shown an unprecedented growth of  250% in less than one day, so what could possibly be the explanation, and why is the game itself worth attention?

What happened?

  • Aurory, a Paris-based crypto company and a gaming studio, launched an Aurory (AURY) token for its story-driven Web3 game of the same name in October 2021. Since the beginning of trading on the crypto market, the price of the AURY token has seen ups and downs, yet on November 19, 2022, it soared drastically from $0.316 to $1.09 at the highest point and is currently on its next wave of growth. The trading volume followed the growth of the price, as seen in the CoinMarketCap chart.
  • Against the backdrop of the recent FTX exchange bankruptcy and the lack of any announcements from the side of the developers, the price catapult of  AURY could possibly be explained by a major purchase of the token by some anonymous entity, which boosted the overall upsurge.
  • Earlier, Aurory managed to raise over $108.85 million during its token sale stage and attracted a few big names as investors, among which Solana, Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, and others.
  • Since its release in 2021, this play-to-earn and free-to-play tactical NFT battler JRPG based on Solana thus has become one of the top-selling NFT games built on this blockchain.

What kind of GameFi project is Aurory?

  • Through its efficient play-and-earn and free-to-play mechanics, Aurory game lures players “to explore a rich and diverse universe”, as per the game’s website.
  • The gameplay offers the users two full-fledged interconnected worlds, Antik and Tokané, to travel through, as well as accomplishing multiple in-game quests, seasonal contests, and e-sport tournaments, searching for lost relics, combatting enemies in several modes, and competing against other players with the help of magical creatures called “Nefties”, designed in the form of NFTs. These NFTs are meant to be traded, help in battles, evolve, and accompany players throughout the whole game.

  • The game’s token economy is described by the developers as “Play And Own”, which is said to “much better correspond” with the “ethos” of the company. Player-owned content is thus marked as a priority and the central concept of the game ecosystem.
  • The game’s tokenomics employ $AURY as the multi-utility token, which can be earned through staking or during PvE and PvP modes. Trading of the AURY is possible both at the in-game marketplace and at centralized and decentralized outside exchanges.
  • One of the things that make the game’s token economy unique is the sustainable method of distributing $AURY every week: according to Game Economy Designer, Adel Elghazi, contrary to most of the play-and-earn games, the deflationary mechanism they use helps “monitor and keep optimal control over the distribution of $AURY depending on a multitude of parameters” and thus balances the token supply and prevents the hyperinflation.

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