The MagicCraft team has struck gold with a remarkable $10 million funding commitment from the forward-thinking GEM Digital, propelling their blockchain gaming initiative to new heights.

This significant injection of capital is set to provide MagicCraft with a robust financial foundation for the next 2 years, offering an avenue for accelerated development, expansion of in-game assets, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies aimed at elevating the overall gaming experience.

Empowering Growth

As part of this strategic funding, MagicCraft is on track to enhance its gaming ecosystem significantly. The committed capital allows them to tap into the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain gaming, where the play-to-earn model is gaining remarkable traction. This infusion will supercharge the creation of fresh gaming experiences, hasten the growth of MagicCraft’s ecosystem, and bolster the studio against potential market fluctuations in the coming years.

GEM Digital

GEM Digital, a Bahamas-based digital asset investment firm, is the driving force behind this substantial investment. They specialize in sourcing and investing in a diverse range of utility tokens, found on more than 30 CEXs and DEXs worldwide. GEM Digital is a subsidiary of Global Emerging Markets, a heavyweight alternative investment group founded in 1991, with a staggering $3.4 billion portfolio. Their global presence spans offices in the Bahamas, Paris, and New York. With a track record of over 570 transactions in 72 countries, their investment portfolio underscores their expertise in emerging markets.


MagicCraft stands as a free-to-play esports MOBA game, bearing similarities to the beloved League of Legends. Their focus lies in delivering a competitive play-to-earn experience on the BNB Chain. Offering both a Web2 Standard Mode and a Web3 Slay-to-Earn mode, the latter empowers players to earn rewards by participating in Web3 lobbies, with the victorious team taking home the game’s utility token, $MCRT. The game’s accessibility extends to both PC and mobile platforms, while the Web2 version is readily available for Steam users.


In the midst of the ongoing crypto winter, any investment news is a welcomed breath of fresh air. The blend of Web2 and Web3 models for the current market appears to be a harmonious approach, providing players with a compelling gaming experience while offering genuine opportunities for earning. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the unfolding developments in this space, as MagicCraft’s journey into blockchain gaming takes shape.

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