Let’s start with the well-known fact: the crypto-winter is still in session. While traditional game developers are slowly and ungracefully rolling towards an interest in cryptocurrency games, those who develop “playable” variations are still playing around with various crypto schemes.

Who would have thought that blockchain games could be more than just a scheme? But no, here we are again: blockchain, NFTs, and all the crypto-jargon.

Cryptovisionary of Games

From an outsider’s perspective, it might seem like Web3 games are frozen in time, like dinosaurs in an ice age. Yet again, we occasionally witness bright flashes when someone manages to raise a heap of money, and then… silence. Business as usual, nothing happens, except the hustle with the funds.

However, inside this mystical industry, the mood is entirely different. Web3 game developers, as if in search of the Holy Grail, are looking for ways to make games interesting for both players and the Web3 economy. They are also trying to solve the puzzle of the endless issuance of in-game tokens and the use of NFTs as “items with additional value” (it’s essential that they are at least as valuable as a wolf’s nine tails).

It seems that at some point, all these struggles and quests will converge at one point, like magnets of water and oil (or cryptocurrencies and reality, as we like it). And when the cryptocurrency market goes sky-high, we will undoubtedly see new “geniuses” of this field coming up with something truly ingenious. But for now, let’s not rush and continue observing as developers compose their “sonnet” in the language of code, while game designers experiment with new schemes, and regular game makers are still battling the apocalypse in the gaming world. Keep the hope alive; things will change soon… or not.

Cryptovisionary of Games

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